Tokenizer platform is geared towards global investors helping them to tap into an ever growing crowdfunding market using Blockchain digital tokens. There are many new projects surfacing daily in the main crypto-related sites offering their tokens (basically a share in the company) for sale, but one needs to be very selective as many of these fail to deliver good results and some turn out to be completely useless. Tokenizer has been developed as a response to the need of weeding out the best projects with real inherent value and use in real life.

Tokenizer enables users to start investing into a tokenized economy by directly paying for a custom plan using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecon or Bcash crypto currencies irrespective of the size of their investment portfolio. Funds received from users are used to purchase digital tokens during token pre-sales (discounted offers available to institutional investors or pool managers) and are sold later with a profit to insure all users receive up to 50% net on each investment made.



Tokenizer platform is built to help users increase their exposure to tokenized economy (ICOs) with a minimum risk while their profit is fixed at 50% net per investment cycle. You can use any of the accepted virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash to pay for the customized plan. Once funds are transferred into Tokenizer account the system is tuned to handle micro as well as larger investments thus offering lower fees and better prices than traditional banks. Users start receiving daily earnings which are added daily to their accounts and they are free to withdraw them to their crypto wallets.

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    Tokenizer is fully transparent and independent – we aim to become a marketplace for the best passive income opportunities.

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    Dividends from purchased plans are automatically transferred to users account in a protected environment.

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    Minimum contribution amount allows even the smaller investors to become involved.

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    Tokenizer enables global investments into real world assets directly from your wallet.

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    Banks charge you high minimum fees. With Tokenizer you can get wholesale prices with no minimum investment barrier.

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    Asset-backed tokens eliminate the costly conversion charges which are a challenge for crypto currencies in accessing FIAT based investments.


Our Mission

Many cryptocurrency investors are seeking improved ways to leverage their cryptocurrency assets in order to limit exposure to the extreme fluctuations of crypto markets. As with all investment portfolios, the best way to hedge against volatility is through diversification. Our mission is to bridge a gap between crowdsale markets and investors by offering simple, easy to understand pay plans and provide viable returns on every investment.

Blockchain based tokenmarket has grown tremendously, but it lacks maturity and is very difficult for newcomers who don't have the experience to understand how this or that token can be used in the future to determine what value it might have in the midterm or long term perspective. It's our task and responsibility at Tokenizer to make sure that users do not have to bother about different ICOs rather they have to rely upon our service and relax knowing that we will stitch it together.

We will select the project by using our set of criteria and then invest the funds during pre-sales and private sales and then convert these tokens into the cryptocurrency with at least 60% profit, where 50% is paid back to the investor (it's being returned daily within the set timeframe) and 10% is kept as our platform profit. Projects which we choose are mainly high-tech Blockhain related projects with a very high possibility of meeting our min profit margin. Within the next 3-6 months we plan to review and participate in some of the belowe-mentioned projects: Neonexchange, EdenChain, Metronome, QuarckChain, NuCypher, Hedera Hashgraph to name just a few. We will keep the list of our active projects in the News section.

Tokenizer is backed up by a legal entity registered in Hong Kong - Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited


Tokenizer Rates

Tokenizer offers straight financial terms: every purchase made via our platform will yield roughly 150% ROI, where 100% is your initial investment and 50% is the net profit. Every business day your account will receive a variable interest between 5 and 7%, while weekends will bring a fixed 2%. Once your deposit received 150% it will expire.

Business days:
from 5% up to 7%
Included in payouts
Deposit will yield 150% (50% net return)
Calculate your returns
Your return:
0.30000000 BTC

Roi graph

Variable Daily ROI, 5 - 7% on a biz day, 2% on weekends
Each investment cycle ends @150%
  • Profit timer (showing exact time till next accrual)
  • Deposit merge feature (new funds will be merged with existing ones)
  • Extra income from Bounty & referrals
  • Profit sharing model based on Blockchain tokens


You can share your Tokenizer experience with others and get additional rewards based on your results. We’re using a revenue sharing model to stimulate the expansion of the platform. You will get a fixed reward of 5% on every deposit made by your direct referral as well as a 5% reward based on the daily dividend. The end result depends on your activity; you are welcome to check out our Bounty program.

5% 5%
based on deposit amount of your referral
5% 5%
from daily earning of your referral


Just retweet the news from our official Twitter page on your personal page and get 0.0001 BTC for each retweet.

  • Your account in Twitter needs to be older than 3 months.
  • Your have to have at least 50 followers.
  • You need to attach your referral link toy uor Twitter profile.
  • Your account and your tweets need to be public.
You Have Not Received This Reward Yet?


You can record a video review about TOKENIZER and upload it to this popular medi hub to get a fantastic reward from 0.00025 up to 0.05 BTC.

  • Your YouTube account needs to be at least 3 months old.
  • The number of followers needs to be over 3000.
  • Please, attach your referral link under the video.
  • Your account and all videos need to be public.
In production

Tokenizer welcomes new users

2018-04-17 13:59:03

Welcome to, a unique platform for crypto users.

New users can join Tokenizer and check out back office. In order to start using our services you need to fill out the registration form: specify your e-mail, desired username, full name (we do not have any verification requirements) and your wallet addresses to receive payments from Tokenizer.

For now we've activated only 2 payment options - Bitcoin and Litecoin. While we need to finish testing Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. As far as fiat payment gateways we plan to enable them within 3-6 months. You will be receiving a notification once we have added new payment options.

Once you registered and received a welcome e-mail (make sure it's not marked as spam in your e-mail) you can log into your account and check how simple it is to purchase a plan and start receiving daily returns.

We take security very seriously and that's why we recommend activating 2 Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator application. Please, enable this feature in your account by going to Settings/Security.

Of course, our support team will be making every effort to take care of any questions or needs that you might have. Feel free to contact us via our support form or by sending a direct email to [email protected] during our business hours.

With best regards, Tokenizer team.

Our story

2018-04-17 14:04:28

Welcome to, a unique platform for crypto users.

The concept of Tokenizer came into existence back in 2017 when the world of crypto was going through a boom of new crowdfunding projects selling their tokens (effectively shares) to all interested investors. The idea that our team had in mind was very simple - we wanted to offer a unique platform where any user, even with a minimum balance could become a part of the biggest revolution in the financial sector - the world of decentralized digital tokens.

it took us more than 8 months to bring all the resources together to launch under the umbrella of Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited, unique entity registered in Hong Kong, mecca of today's digital society.

So what in essence is Tokenizer? It's a powerful online community for users who are looking for ways to integrate themselves into the world of digital token economy and increase their main crypto holdings. We offer simple solutions - anyone who has a crypto wallet with a minimum balance can pay for the simple plan which runs until user is paid back 150% ROI.

Logical question - how we can pay this back? Well, it's not a secret that during initial sales of many new tokens the price of the token is very low, plus different platforms offer bonuses during pre-sales and private sales to those who have qualified. Our team will be sourcing these potential "gems" and using collective funds to enter at these initial pre-sales levels to maximize profit when the token reaches an exchange. Some coins will bring over 100%, but some may be only 20-30%, but our team is making every effort to keep 50% net profit for all users.

We have already selected some of the most interesting projects where will be entering at initial stages: Neonexchange, EdenChain, Metronome, Quarckchain, Nucypher among others.

We hope that Tokenizer will become a good option for all those users who experienced a disappointment in this market, especially after the trend has changed from very bullish to bearish.

Welcome to Tokenizer!

Tokenizer welcomes new users
2018-04-17 13:59:03
Our story
2018-04-17 14:04:28


  • What is Tokenizer and how can I use it?

    Tokenizer is a service based on a digital tokenmarket allowing users to get a viable return on investment using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bcash cryptocurrencies. Our service is based on the market value of the tokens we purchase during initial stage and sell with a high profit margin at a later stage. We are commited to providing a return of at least 50% per one investment cycle to all users. Please, refer to Rates section for exact numbers.

  • What do I need to start using Tokenizer?

    You need to have a registered wallet in one of the currencies that you plan to use (BTC, LTC, ETH or BCH).

  • How can I register with Tokenizer?

    Just click on the Sign up button in the main page and fill out all the fields (including your wallets to receive daily payouts to). You will receive a welcome e-mail from our system and you can proceed further.

  • How can I log into my Tokenizer Account after registration?

    Click on Login button in the main page, enter your registered username and password and do not forget to click correct re-Captcha images (this is a bot protection mechanism).

  • Where is Tokenizer incorporated and how can one check it?

    Tokenizer has been officialy incorporated in Hong Kong. Its legal entity name is Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited. Company registration number is 2672421. You can download the certificate on our Profile page or you can check our registration using the search form of the government portal by going to this link

  • How is my profit added?

    Every 24h you will see new profit added to your account. For your convience, we have implemented a timer that shows exact time remaining to your next accrual of profit.

  • What is the minimum amount required?

    Minimum amount depends on the currency that you will use. Please, refer to Rates page to be sure you meet the minimum required amount.

  • How is this profit being generated?

    Your invested amount is being added to our crowdfunding pool. We will select the project by using our set of criteria and then invest the funds during the initial stage and then convert these tokens into the cryptocurrency with at least 60% profit, where 50% is paid back to the investor (it's being returned daily within the set timeframe) and 10% (or whatever premium we are able to get) is kept as our platform profit.

  • Will I receive my initially invested amount back?

    The system we use is called 'Deposit with included payouts' which means that your daily payout includes part of your initial capital. Once you receive 150% back, your deposit is considered to be expired and it won't yield additional profit.

  • Do you have any fees?

    There is only a fee when you request a payment to your wallet. This fee is charged for transaction approval and it amounts to 2% from the amount requested. This fee is a subject to change. Considering the return that our platform is paying back the fee should not be a burden for our users.

  • How can I withdraw my profit?

    All payments are being handled by a duty manager. You need to request your payout from your Tokenizer account. Just click on Cashout tab, click any available balance to autofill amount and then click Cashout button. We will check it and process your request within 8 business hours or faster depending on the workload.

  • What is the minimum amount that one can request to be paid?

    Minimum amount that a user can request is – 0.00112 BTC, 0.0025 ETH, 0.0041 LTC, 0.00041 BCH. This is a subject to change depending on the network fees, which are charged by the miners.

  • Are there any limits for withdrawals?

    No, we don't limit our users in terms of amounts, though we recommend to wait for previous withdrawals to clear before you place a new request.

  • How often you do you process requests for payments?

    Normally all payment requests are being cleared within 1 business day, in 2-3 batches. Please, wait patiently before sending any support requests.



We are available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (UTC) and you're welcome to contact us with your requests. Please, take a look at all our questions and answers before you contact us. We have made every effort to make sure that all questions have been addressed, but if you have a specific request, then contact us to get your case resolved. Please, do not approach us with any promotional inquiries, we will not answer these. Thank you.